When I lost my dad at a very young age my family was subject to inheritance tax of £35,000 - a lot of money today but 40 years ago an absolute fortune.


Historically, 40 years ago you could by a three bedroom property in Wembley for £10,000 and in Ilford for £6000. The opportunity cost of paying the inheritance tax was tremendous which involved cashing some very lucrative investments. Hence, I've always been interested in finance and tax to preserve wealth both myself and for others.

I believe greatly that it is our children and their childrens' right to inherit from their forefathers and most important to preserve their legacies.


At CFS our ambitions go far beyond making our clients happy.


We provide a strategic solution by bringing all the experts together to formulate a customized strategic integrated solution specific to the individual and business.


We believe the structure should be an integrated solution involve a customised legal financial tax integrated specific holistic solution personalised to the individual and company.

Understand the system and get the experts on board who understand the system, and use them to beat the system or status quo.


- Milan Patel